August 4, 2015

Able Flight Pilots Honored at AirVenture

Able Flight pilot Stephen carrier receives his wings.

Stephen Carrier is pinned by Arlene Herman.

It was a beautiful Oshkosh morning on July 21st as family, friends and sponsors honored six new Able Flight pilots at EAA AirVenture. The pilots receiving their Able Flight Wings were John Robinson of NC, Raymart Tinio of CA, Sgt. Adam Kisielewski of MD, Stephen Carrier of LA, Scot Abrams of NY and Randy Green of ID.

The ceremony also marked the first pinning of wings by sponsors Tempest and ForeFlight who have each committed to a three year sponsorship.  Taking part in the ceremony for Tempest were Arlene and John Herman who pinned wings on Stephen Carrier. Pinning wings on Randy Green, the first recipient of the ForeFlight/Able Flight Scholarship was Tyson Weihs,  co-founder and CEO of ForeFlight.

Also on hand  for the ceremony were Mark Baker, President of AOPA who pinned the wings of AOPA/Able Flight Scholarship recipient Sgt. Adam Kisielewski, Aviation Hall of Fame member Patty Wagstaff who pinned the wings of Jet Aviation/Able Flight Scholarship recipient Scot Abrams, Matt Brandon who pinned the wings of Bombardier/Able Flight Scholarship recipient Raymart Tinio,  and Rodney Eckert and Paul Royko  who pinned the wings of Shell Aviation/Able Flight Scholarship recipient John Robinson.

Chris Throndsen with Bob Seidel

Chris Throndsen with Bob Seidel

Able Flight pilot Jessica Cox presented  the volunteer of the year award (Seidel Award) to Chris Throndsen in recognition of her outstanding and continuous service in support of the program. Selected as the 2015 Flight Instructor of the year was Purdue University Student Cory Morgan, and accepting on his behalf was Professor Bernie Wulle of the university’s Department of Aviation Technology.

During the ceremony Able Flight was honored as the recipient of  the Flying Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for 2014  presented by the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer.