April 18, 2015

ForeFlight Sponsors Able Flight

Tyson Weihs and Charles Stites

(L-R) Tyson Weihs of ForeFlight and Charles Stites of Able Flight

ForeFlight, a leading provider of aviation software for pilots has become a sponsor of Able Flight’s unique flight training program for people with  physical disabilities. In addition to a financial donation for the scholarship fund, ForeFlight will provide software for students to use during their training.

Co-founder Jason Miller said, “ForeFlight is exceptionally pleased to help Able Flight in their efforts.  Flying is true freedom, and Able Flight provides that freedom to so many wonderful people.  It’s truly a privilege to sponsor that work.”

“We’re honored to have ForeFlight  join us in our mission to use aviation to change the lives of people with disabilities,” said Charles Stites of Able Flight. “ForeFlight’s co-founders  Tyson Weihs and Jason Miller are both pilots, and they clearly understand  the impact that learning to fly can have on  people who only need an opportunity to prove their abilities.  It has been amazing to see their company’s growth over the last few years, and we’re excited that our student pilots will have the opportunity to use their software.”

Weihs and Miller created their company to take advantage of their software design experience, their knowledge of flying, and the new platform offered by the iPhone. With the introduction of the iPad, flight planning and inflight aviation software applications have become nearly ubiquitous,  and ForeFlight’s Mobile HD application is one of the most popular. To learn more about ForeFlight, visit their website.