February 2, 2023

Drone Flight Career Training Scholarships Available

Drone operator with droneAble Flight is now offering career training scholarships for certification in the fast-growing  field of using drones for commercial applications. Recently Able Flight partnered with Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), the leading aviation-based safety training and industry certification provider for unmanned operations to provide both online and in-person training for scholarship recipients. Training provide under the scholarship will include certification under FAA Part 107 and further certification provide by USI under their Level One training program.

Executive Director of Able Flight, Charles Stites, commented, “With the growth of unmanned aviation, and with a positive outlook for career opportunities in commercial drone operations, we determined that this would be a great time to add a UAS option to our career training scholarship program. As with the facilities who provide instruction to recipients of our flight training scholarships, we choose to work with organizations like USI that have developed programs that go well beyond the minimum standards required by the FAA.”

“The inherent requirements of unmanned aviation could provide for significantly greater career opportunities for individuals with some sort of physical disability”, added Josh Olds, President of the Unmanned Safety Institute. “As we became more familiar with Able Flight, it was apparent that their focus on pilot safety and competency would translate into incredibly talented, industry ready, UAS pilots through their participation in the USI training program.”

For more information on how to apply for an Able Flight Career Training Scholarship, visit here.