February 2, 2023

Blue 7 Scholarship

Zack Reising aka “Blue 7”

The Blue 7 Scholarship fundraiser was the brainchild of Zack Reising, a young man from Indiana who faces his own physical challenges and has his own ambitions to become a pilot. The focus of Zack’s effort was to raise $30,000 to fund an Able Flight scholarship in his name for three years. The name “Blue 7” comes from Zack’s appreciation for the Blue Angles flight team, and it has become Zack’s call sign.

With the help of Sam Pittman who organized the campaign, and with the promotion provided by Greg Mink, a pilot known on YouTube as “Premier 1 Driver”, the campaign kicked off late in 2021. By the time the campaign ended in late March of this year, the effort had raised over $47,000 in a combination of online donations and checks; making it the most successful online fundraiser in Able Flight’s history. And it should be noted that due to ethical rules and IRS regulations, Zack knew that the campaign wouldn’t result in a scholarship for him. He did this entirely to help others. But there will be the reward Zack has hoped for when he sees someone with a disability earn their license. And in July, Zack will be at the Able Flight Wings Pinning Ceremony at EAA AirVenture to personally pin pilot wings on the first recipient of the scholarship he funded!

Though the formal online campaign has come to a close, it’s still possible for you to make a contribution of any amount here. Just be sure to dedicate it to the Blue 7 Scholarship and your name will be added to the list of supporters of this scholarship. Able Flight thanks Zack, Sam, Greg and the more than two hundred donors listed below for making this campaign such a success.



Joseph Duerr

Scannell Development


Jeff & Melissa Reising

Greg Mink


Richard Minotte


Jeff Goldberg


Steve Pittman

John Rife

William Sturm


Casey Jones

William Scott

James Richardson


Zack Reising

Raymond Lagasse 

Gertrude Kussow 

John Cole 

 Lynn Pont 

Karin MacDonald

 Alfred Plummer

Kelli Wilson 

William Schmalzel  

Scott Williams 

Kelli Allen 

Morgan Collins 

Tony Gray 

Chris & Laura Yeakey  

David Wildermuth 

Omer Yavetz

Kirk Quinn 

Chris Nelson 

Jeff McKinney 

Fabio N 

Jay Puff 

Keith MacKenzie 

Chris Clements

Jason Flannagan 

Kevin Culver 

Dennis Thurmond 

Tyler DeSpain 

Tyler Sorensen 

Reid Wycoff 

Eric Fogarty 

Michael Baty 

Paul Jelinek 

Eric Welden 

Matt Gogan 

Mark Heckman 

Andy Dietz 

Rex Gulickson 

Frank Gallo 

Todd Rakofsky 

Bob DeLing 

Leigh Foster 

Christopher Reynoldson 

Timothy Palma 

Michael Ehling 

Randy Testa 

Andrew Ramir 

Tim Fagin 

Brad Ralston 

Roger Wyatt 

John Hanson 

Daniel Dalton 

Warren Lyons 

Barry Wawrin 

Samuel Woodall 

Dan Mettler 

Randall Bowman 

Rick Maitland 

Jake Keado 

Larry Grubbs 

Joe Sobczak 

Ronald Butler 

George Batsche 

Justin Lee 

Sean Bower 

Rob Sedgwick 

Jeff Gerard 

David Parkinson 

Linda Reynolds 

Tim Barnes 

Matthew French 

Stephanie Kornegay 

Jay Stickler 

Chris Vetter 

Richard Huck 

Justin Lightner

Rodger Slape 

Gary Batesole 

Kate Bernard 

Carlos Serrano 

Michel Delafontaine 

Robert Julien 

Eugene Macdonald 

Rob Humphris 

John Love

Diego Salas

Charles Turner

Brent Coker

Simon Cripps 

Elmer Herda 

Andrew Beard 

Ronald Moore

Alexej Buchholz 

Chuck Hoyt 

Torrance Dean 

Diamond Pispitsos 

Bill Gilbert 

Cliff Stansbery 

Don Mays

Jeff Walker 

Stephen Doherty 

Greg Iszler 

Chris Feaster 

Matt Taylor 

James Mollicone 

Frank Agustini

Gary Helgemo 

Jeff Goodridge 

William Reedy 

Sarah Manro 

Becky Laschanzky 

William Lakin 

Larry Baye 

Brian Garner 

Mikko Pakkanen 

Leland Crenshaw 

Konrad Sitte-Zöllner 

Christopher Green 

Vitor Magro 

Stanton Lesser 

Mark Huddleston 

David Blaskey 

Gerrit Dekker 

John Lynam 

Tim and Donna McMillan 

Joe Allman 

David McLain 

Rick Bunn 

Christian Nichols 

Rob McFarlan 

Dustin Green 

Chris Lamprecht

Roy Surratt 

Rob Housley 

Willie Chaffin

Gerry Foreman 

Marc Freudenberg 

Mike Perry 

Philip Sterling 

John Branson 

Kevin Golden 

Mark Ebden 

Leo Nedza 

Katherine Stewart 

Matt Schumacker 

Daniel Levy 

David Nickerson 

Michael Podzielinski 

Steve Sowders 

Ronald Jones 

Robert Brightwell 

Kay & Sean O’Toole 

Jim Barr 

Scott Mallin 

William Scott 

Evan McCall 

Erich Wiemann 

Jonathan Skeens 

Justin Gusick

James McDonald 

Art Hernandez 

Kevin Heard 

Bob Mink & family 

Jessica Mason 

Chuck Dreier 

Amanda Fournier 

Jason Miller 

Jim Scroggs 

Larry Sloate 

James Wilhelm 

Kyle Hurtley 

Lori Miller 

Tony Shipeck 

Lance Bamburg 

Donald Johnston 

Matthew Henning 

Jan Bergendahl 

Stephen Whittaker 

Armando Colpa 

Keith Giannoni 

Tim LaPosa 

Aiden Fagundes 

Mike Holliday 

Richard Prince

Mike Roth 

Charles Stites 

Dan Sanchez 

Jochen Treitel 

Charles Wesley 

Robert Maza 

Nick Greed 

Daniel Wesinger

Hector Velez 

Max Weldon 

Caroline Coss 

Daniel Fwu 

Andrew Dvorsky 

Michael Peck 

Clay Killion 

The Moore Family Foundation

Bill Fihlman

Ed & Juliann LoSasso

A number of donors preferred to remain anonymous.